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Knowledge + Action = Powerful

Give it a go 3 times

  • To overcome any fear

  • To increase competency

  • To see if you like it or not

Your WHY beneath the WHY

Why is it important for you to put your

health and needs first?


In order to be successful in achieving any goals, it's essential for you to have a compelling reason WHY you are doing it.

"99% is a Bitch

100% is a Breeze"

That 1% can make a huge difference!

Self-Inquiry Questions

Question 1:

What does 100% commitment mean to you?

Question 2:

What do you need to stay committed to doing and not doing, in order to maximise your energy, manage your stress levels, and elevate and optimise your health and well-being this year?

4 types of Stress

Time Stress

People feel and think like they don’t have enough time to complete tasks. Fixating on deadlines and volumes of work.
"I don't have enough time" "I'm running out of time" "There's not enough hours in the day"

Anticipatory Stress

The what-if stress - stress we bring upon ourselves.

Using our imaginations against us to create stress.

"What if it goes wrong"

"What if I fail"

"What if I get lost"

Situational Stress

Stress that happens in the moment, right now.


Unforeseen stressful situations that can trigger a whole bunch of different extreme reactions.

Encounter Stress

People encounter new situations, new people, new jobs, all sorts of new situations that bring stress upon people because you feel out of control in that particular situation.

Group Activity

  • In groups brainstorm solutions for the 4 types of stress

  • Identify which specific type (s) you are

  • Create a solution-focused vision board

  • Google doc

  • Pinterest / Unsplash

  • Picturesphrases, mantras, affirmations

  • Look at your vision board daily as a reminder of your WHY and your commitment to yourself, because you are important and a priority!

Solutions to overcoming...

Time Stress

  • Pause - 6/6 breathing - get centered

  • Prioritising - importance - urgency

  • Time management

  • To-do lists

  • Say no more often - only do what you need to do

  • Rush less - slow down

  • Delegate

  • Get vulnerable and ask for help

  • Have open and honest conversations

Anticipatory Stress

  • Pause - 6/6 breathing - get centered

  • Turn limited language to limitless language; "what if it does work out well"

  • Using your imagination to work for you

  • Meditation

  • Dialogue with yourself better

 Situational Stress

  • Pause - 6/6 breathing - get centered

  • Ask yourself empowering questions

  • Accept what you can't control & focus on what you can control

  • You can control your thoughts, feelings and actions

  • You always have a choice in every situation, it comes down to how you choose to respond in that moment.

  • Hone your problem solving skills - reframe each problem in the moment, see it differently, challenges to overcome, see the opportunities/lesson in it.

  • Journal - gives your experience a new perspective, releases emotion and see the logic.

Encounter Stress

  • Pause - 6/6 breathing - get centered

  • Improve interpersonal skills

  • Improve self-esteem, confidence & resilience

  • Improve emotional intelligence & social skills

  • Be kind and patient with yourself

Recover and Reduce Stress

  • Take a walk

  • Get out in nature daily/weekly

  • Meditate

  • Listen to music

  • Cook/eat wholesome homemade meals

  • Move your body

  • Disconnect from ALL technology

  • Drink filtered water

  • Mind your company

  • Go to sleep early

  • Journal


  • Say No more often

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