Depression & Social Anxiety

I was treated by Laree for depression and social anxiety. I have to admit that this type of treatment is traditionally something that I would not embrace but I thought I might as well try something new, and how I do not regret that.

The Hypnotherapy session was such a surreal experience. I genuinely felt like a weight had been lifted. I listened and looked forward to listening to my recording every day and really felt the benefit.

Hong Kong, male teacher 


It was such an empowering experience working with someone as positive as Laree who always installed the utmost confidence that I would feel better. I have now not had a migraine for over 3 weeks now which has never happened to me before.

I can not recommend Laree enough!

Hong Kong, female teacher

Confidence and self-image 

 Not feeling worthy 

While on the surface I seemed to "have it all' and be put together but I have been living through a lifetime of unworthiness for as long as I can remember.


Laree was extremely professional in helping guide me towards trying to uncover the root cause of these issues and was professional and insightful in guiding me to healing.


Something shifted in a peaceful and powerful manner. I trust Laree has guided me on a path of greater freedom, happiness, and security.


I highly recommend Laree.

Hong Kong, female accountant 

I can feel that something has changed and my inner voice has a much more positive undertone than before. 

I have worked with Laree several times now to help achieve my personal goals and each time I have been utterly impressed with her professionalism. She has a great bedside manner and offers advice without judgment which is really fantastic.

I cannot recommend Laree highly enough.



Singapore, male teacher


I noticed that I have more confidence, I am happier and I feel more powerful. I am really enjoying my career and giving it my best every day. I have more positive energy and I have developed better relationships with the ones that are close to me.


The Hypnotherapy session with Laree made me feel more confident that I can achieve my goals and I have more power.


I wholeheartedly recommend Laree. 

Hong Kong, female teacher


Laree’s hypnotherapy sessions are life-changing. She taught me that we can overcome anything and find greater peace that can help us control intense negative emotions and feelings.

I am able to forgive people and find peace.

Laree has made me aware of the minute intricacies of living a joyful life.


She is a wonderful human being and I was lucky to find her.

Hong Kong, female teacher 

Self-Esteem & social anxiety

Laree immediately put me at ease in the first session as I had no idea what hypnotherapy was or how it worked. It was such a powerful experience and it helped me to recognise where my negative beliefs have stemmed from.

Laree has definitely helped me to realise that I actually hold more power than I ever thought over my own happiness in life. Just 4 weeks in and my confidence levels are so much higher than they were.

Thank you, Laree

New Zealand, female teacher

Inner Peace

What an amazing life-changing experience! Laree's hypnotherapy sessions were an eye-opener to me. 


She has helped me to find greater inner peace and the importance of focusing on myself as much as loved ones.


Laree's positive energy is immediately calming and her devotion to helping others is amazing, I highly recommend her sessions.


Thank you, Laree. 

Hong Kong, female accountant 

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