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Do you struggle with...

Low self-confidence

Downplaying or ignoring your positive qualities. Judging yourself to be inferior to others. Not believing in  your skills, talents and competency.

Afraid to Speak Your Truth
Not being honest with yourself and others. Difficult to express yourself in fear of being judged. Feeling stuck, powerless and unable to stand up for yourself.

Lack Meaning & Purpose
No direction or focus, unsure of your WHY and what you are here
to do on this planet. Your in a job or relationship that is meaningless, and doest't bring you joy or happiness.

Fear of the future, creating
worst-case scenarios, all the what-if situations and making negative predictions about the future.

People Pleasing
Making everyone else a priority at the detriment of your own needs,  not saying no to avoid conflict, rejection or judgement. Constrantly feeling not good enough.

Putting too much time into thinking about or overanalysing something, not being able to let it go, and unable to get out of your head.

Hypnotherapy Explained

Hypnotherapy (Rapid Transformational Therapy)  works at the individual’s subconscious mind, where the root of one's problem resides. With its powerful techniques and scientific methods, Hypnotherapy (RTT) helps to;

* Uncover the root cause of self-limiting beliefs 
* Review where, when, how, and why these beliefs were acquired 
* Understand how past events are causing current habits and behaviors 
* Release and eliminate any beliefs that aren't supportive or helpful
* Establish new beliefs that are accurate, relevant, and powerful.

Essentially, I'm empowering you to take a large emotional weight off your shoulders that you've been carrying around for years, so you can move forward and live a meaningful and purposeful life. 

Let's jump on a complimentary
30-minute discovery call! 

Self-Esteem & social anxiety

Laree immediately put me at ease in the first session as I had no idea what hypnotherapy was or how it worked. It was such a powerful experience and it helped me to recognise where my negative beliefs have stemmed from.

Laree has definitely helped me to realise that I actually hold more power than I ever thought over my own happiness in life. Just 4 weeks in and my confidence levels are so much higher than they were.

Thank you, Laree

New Zealand, female teacher

Low self-confidence

What an amazing life-changing experience! Laree's hypnotherapy sessions were an eye-opener to me. 
She has helped me to find greater inner peace and the importance of focusing on myself as much as loved ones.
Laree's positive energy is immediately calming and her devotion to helping others is amazing, I highly recommend her sessions.
Thank you, Laree. 

Hong Kong, female accountant 

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