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Start 2023 on a High!

Happy New Year everyone

2023 is here! I hope you’ve had a great start to the year so far.

I’ve spent the first week of January thinking about what goals I want to set and achieve, what I need to change, things I need to do differently and how might I go about doing that. It's not a short and sweet process, it does take time, effort, and conscious awareness, but it's so worth it.

To guide me in this process I took part in an online-group hypnosis session with my amazing mentors and colleagues in the UK. I participated in a 2.5-hour GPS Reset workshop and invested in a business coach for the next 6 months and I've created a vision board. All of which are helping me to really be the driver of my vision for 2023.

I also circled back to my WHY. Why am I doing all of this? Having a why is so important as it ignites that fire within your belly and stirs up those powerful emotions to motivate and spur you on. When life throws you arrows, you can always come back to your WHY to inspire and motivate you to keep on keeping on.

If you haven't already started to think about your goals and what you want to achieve this year, then I’d like to share with you some really powerful questions from the GPS worksop I attended to help guide you on your way to an incredible year.

To begin you need to know your starting point.

Your current Reality;

* Where are you now?

* What’s not working?

* What 3 things can you identify that you need to change?

Followed by any Roadblocks;

* What's in the way?

* What’s stopping you?

* What has prevented you from making changes in the past?

* How does that show up for you?

Finally, the Action you will take to achieve your goals.

* How can I Inspire/ Motivate/ myself to get the results I intend and desire?

* What am I willing to DO to get what I want?

* What am I willing to STOP doing to get what I want?

* What is the one thing I can do immediately TODAY to get moving towards my goals?

The key to this is to take some time to go inward and answer these questions honestly. You will find there will be external and internal answers. However just a heads ups, this is an inside out job.

Enjoy the process and believe that you can truly have what you intend and desire if you believe in yourself. You are limitless and there are infinite possibilities and opportunities out there waiting for you.

Much love

Laree x

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