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What is Life Coaching?

Alongside Hypnotherapy, I use coaching to help my clients move towards their goals, passion and purpose in life.

As a coach, I actively listen to my clients, hold space for her/him, I see them and hear them.

I help my clients to unlearn their old thought patterns, emotions, behaviors and actions and learn new thought patterns, emotions, behaviors and actions that serve and support their growth.

I help clients to let go of the old story and rewrite a new story that is uplifting and powerful.

I invite my clients to look at different perspectives, points of view and to look at the whole story from all angels.

As a coach, I give advice and guidance to support my clients in the area they are seeking growth and development.

I ask the tough questions to help every client grow and to push them just past their limits and comfort zone.

As a coach, I encourage my clients to seek the answers within them, the answers are always within us, they just need that extra guidance to hear them.

I help my clients to love themselves, accept and acknowledge all that they are, inside and out.

I am my client's number 1 Cheerleader, I have their back and am committed to support them 100% - fighting for them to believe they are more than ENOUGH, to speak their TRUTH and to be AUTHENTICALLY themselves.

If you feel we will be the perfect match as client and coach, then please call me today.

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